channel bags 200mmx300mm 100pc

Product Code: BK0321

channel bags 200mmx300mm 100pc

Ideal vacuum bags for external suction vacuum sealing machines

Air Channel bags specifically designed for external suction vacuum sealers, thick enough for storage or cooking.

Bag dimensions: 200mm x 300mm
Bag Thickness: 100µm
Bag Type: Air Channel bag
Quantity: 100/pack

Can I use these bags in a chamber machine?

  • Yes

Can I cook in these bags?

  • Yes, up to 120?C for 30 minutes
  • Yes, up to 80?C for 4 hours

Do I need air channel bags for external suction vacuum sealers?

  • Yes, you must use air channel bags for external suction machines.

Why is the seal is breaking open?

  • You have not selected enough time to seal the bag on your machine, increase the sealing time.
  • You have over filled the bag.  Reduce the volume within the bag before evacuating.

Why is the seal burning through the bag?

  • You have selected too long a time to seal the bag.  Reduce the sealing time.

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