Slicer, gravity feed, manual 275mm blade

Product Code: WFSEC27MGB5

Slicer, gravity feed, manual 275mm blade

Small footprint commercial slicer, designed for kitchens, delicatessens, sandwhich shops and small butchers

This economical but high quality commercial gravity slicer is the perfect compromise between performance and budget. With all the safety features and a light weight space saving footprint, it is a great option for sandwich shops, kitchens, convenience stores and small delicatessens.

  • Compact for installations with limited space
  • Easy cleaning with large gap behind the blade
  • Light weight and easy to move
  • Integrated sharpener for safe and quick sharpening
  • Attractive highly polished aluminium alloy construction
  • Clear Perspex hand guard for safety
  • Simple removal of the whole carriage for cleaning
  • Blade safety ring, shrouding the blade for safety
  • CE approved
Blade Size: 275mm Ø
Display Type: non
Drive: Belt
Maximum Thickness: 20mm
Minimum Thickness: 1mm
Operation Method: Manual
Power Supply: 10AMP single phase
Product Dimensions: 580 x 470 x 390mm
Safety Standards: CE
Sharpener: integrated
Weight: 17 kg

Can you slice cheese on this machine?

  • You can, but cheese can create friction and not slice smoothly; best to keep the cheese very cool and perhaps swap cheese half way through with a block from the refrigerator.

Can you slice meat with bones?

  • No, the machine is designed to slice deli meats only.

Can you slice ham with this slicer?

  • The slicer is capable of slicing ham, however check that the size of the ham will fit on the slicer carriage such that it can fit within the blade diameter.


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