Digital Counting Scale 30kg x 1g

Product Code: WS30230K

Digital Counting Scale 30kg x 1g

The WS302 counting scales are easy to operate and offer fast and precise results, which translates into increased efficiency and productivity.

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The WS302 counting scales are easy to operate and offer fast and precise results, which translates into increased efficiency and productivity. The large easy to read LCD display, high internal counting resolution, built in rechargeable battery and Hi/Lo/Ok alarm are just some of the great features this scale offers.

  • Large easy to read backlight LCD display
  • 1/300,000 internal counting resolution
  • 1/30,000 display resolution
  • Auto power off
  • Auto backlight
  • 240V AC power and internal rechargeable battery for portability
  • HI/LO/OK alarm function
  • Large Stainless Steel weighing platter
  • Capacity 30kg x 1g
Capacity: 30 kg
Graduations: 1g
NMI Trade Approved: No
Functions: Auto power off, Auto backlight, HI/LO/OK function with alarm, Accumulation function, Tare, Preset Tare, Auto zero, Automatic counting accuracy improvement
Operating Temperature: -5°C - 40°C
Platform Size: 334mm x 245mm
Power Supply: 240V AC and built in rechargeable battery
Battery Life: 60 hours
Product Dimensions: 390mm L x 345mm W x 120mm H
Safety Standards: EMC, LVD directive 2006/95/EC
Units of Measure: kg

What is the best sample size to use?

  • The sample size is relative to the final quantity you wish to count. If you want to count small quantities (100 pcs), then a sample size of 10 pieces is sufficient. If your final count quantity is large, then a larger sample will increase the counting accuracy.

What are the smallest parts that I can count with the WS302 counting scale?

  • The WS302 series has been tested by WedderburnOnline to count items which are half the weight of the minimum graduation of the scale accurately. This means that if the smallest items you want to count are approximately 0.05g in weight you need a 3kg x 0.1g capacity scale, or if the smallest item you wanted to count is 0.5g then you could use the 30kg x 1g WS302 counting scale.

Why do I get inconsistent counting results for quantities of the same product?

  • Counting inconsistencies are generally a result of poor sample sizes. Use a larger sample size to calculate the unit weight to increase counting accuracy. A counting scale's accuracy is determined by the accuracy of the parts it is counting.  Parts with a large weight variance will result in higher counting errors.

Is this product NMI approved for Trade use?

  • No, The WS302 series counting scales are not NMI Approved for Trade. NMI approval is not required for counting scales used in a counting application. If you are using the weight displayed on the counting scale to weigh items for trade, then you will require an NMI Trade Approved scale.

How do I get my WedderburnOnline equipment serviced after the warranty period?

  • Contact your nearest Wedderburn branch or call 1300 970 111


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